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Dates: 13 - 16 November 2000
Location: Marina del Rey, California
Host: USA
Venue: Marina Beach Marriott in Marina del Rey, California
Website: [1]

ICANN 7 was hosted in Marina Del Rey, California. Like all previous events, all meetings that were to take course throughout the event, were free to attend to any person interested in the topics, which were to be discussed.

The ICANN Meetings were to take place in the Marina Beach Marriott Hotel, and the Event itself was seen to have been a huge success, as the numbers in attendance had dramatically increased, to that of past events. Pre-registrations had reached over the 900 persons mark, months before the event had even commenced.

Some of the topics that were discussed throughout the meetings had included the Selection of new Top Level Domains (TLD’s) and also a review of the Study At Large Membership scheme.


All meetings which were on the agenda where to take place over the four day period of the event. The sessions had consisted mainly of Open door meetings and discussions, and even the ICANN Board meeting was avaiabe for comments via a webcast. The ICANN board meeting was the final meeting of the event and had maily talked about all other issues that had been raised throughout this event. The selections of new top level domains and also a forum study of the AT LARGE membership was a topic which was widly discussed.

Some of the sessions that were a part of the agenda at ICANN 7 were as follows:

  • IANN Orientation Workshop
  • Workshop on Internationalized Domain Names
  • Domain Name Supporting Organization Constituency Meetings
  • Governmental Advisory Committee
  • Address Supporting Organization
  • Domain Name Supporting Organization
  • ICANN Board Meeting
  • ICANN Public Forum


The Main Topic of discussion for this ICANN event was the process on the selection of new Top level Domains. ICANN brought up many topics and was to be a significant event for all future selecitons of TLD's. Subject which were looked into as a part of these meetings where the history of top level domains, the current structure and also the sponsers of top level domains. The general respnsibilitys of Top level domains was also another issue which was looked into in great detail.

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The Introduction of new Top level Domians

Study of the AT Large membership

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