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Dates: 1st - 4th June 2001
Location: Stockholm
Host: Sweden
Venue: Stockholm International Fairs Building
Website: ICANN 9

ICANN 9 was held in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2001. Interest was high on this event as the meetings were to directly precede the INET 2001 Global Internet Summit, which started the day after ICANN 9 had ceased.[1]

Historical Notes

One of the main features and talking points raised from this event was the budget for fiscal year 2001 - 2002.

All of the following were to be seen as the highest priority as a result of the meeting which took place during this Event.

  • 1. Strengthen administrative and operational services to ccTLD's.
  • 2. Complete implementation requirements for the new gTLD's, monitor the introduction of new registries, and conduct an evaluation of the "proof of concept" results of initial operations and services.
  • 3. Refine the agreement structure with ccTLD's and enter into agreements with those ccTLD's who wish to do so.
  • 4. Complete other outstanding agreements with other ICANN constituencies not already completed in 2000-2001.
  • 5. Complete the At Large study and implement those recommendations from the study that are adopted by the Board.
  • 6. Implement any other governance changes that are approved by the Board, including recommendations from any of the Supporting Organizations.
  • 7. Continue to assist the IP registry community in the deployment of IPv6.
  • 8. Monitor and provide assistance to the development of international domain name extensions to the DNS.
  • 9. Establish the Independent Review Panel as per Board policy.
  • 10. Complete the evaluation of UDRP procedures, policy, and complaint process outcome. Implement any Board approved recommendations for improvement that are made by the Names Council.
  • 11. Stabilize ICANN as an organization by (a) clarifying the organizational structure (b) staffing to meet basic requirements of improved services and mission-imposed responsibilities, and (c) ensuring that responsibilities and authorities are more clearly defined;
  • 12. Normalize financial support for ICANN.
  • 13. Increase the Operating Reserve towards Board approved levels.
  • 14. Implement any Board approved recommendations on long-range planning that result from the Finance Committee's review.


ICANN Public Forum

The ICANN public forum was seen as the most influential meeting as the whole event. Topics which were to be on the agenda were the Domain Name Supporting Organization report, Proposed Annual Budget for the 2001-2002 Fiscal Year, a report from the At Large Study Committee and also a Report of the Board Working Group on Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).

ICANN Board Meeting

The ICANN board meeting again had covered a variety of differnt subjects, some of the topics which were covererd during this session was the 2001-2002 Budget, Criteria for the Designation of New Regional Internet Registries, Discussion of Public Forum Presentations and also the Procedure for Monitoring New TLD Implementation and Evaluating New TLD Program.

Government Advisory Committee The GAC focused on topics presented from its working groups:[2]

  • International domain names
  • use of geographic and geo-political terms as TLDs and second level domains
  • applicability of international conventions in relation to gTLD policies

At-Large Study Committee Outreach Meeting


ICANN Event Agenda

IDN committee

Adoption of the 2001-2002 Budget

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