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Type: Association
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Kakoh Sakuragaoka Bldg. 6F
3-24 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-003
Country: Japan
Website: jaipa.or.jp
Key People
Taketsune Watanabe, Chairman

Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA) is an incorporated organization dedicated to promoting a healthy development of the businesses of internet service providers and better use of the internet in Japan. The association also aims to contribute to the development of a highly informative social communications network.[1]


1999- In August, a meeting was initiated by 11 members of Japan Local Access Providers Association (JLAPA) which was created in 1997 to discuss the establishment of a voluntary organization to take the responsibility of the existing organization. By December, JAIPA was founded with 43 board member companies and 107 member companies and its office was subsequently opened in Tokyo.

2002- The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications formerly known as Ministry of Post and Communications approved the incorporation of JAIPA as an organization.

2001- JAIPA participated in the establishment of the council for the promotion of Network Information Security Manager (NISM)in April. By September the organization published its first survey regarding the actual situation of Internet service providers.

2002- The organization participated in a study of the guidelines and establishment of another council dedicated to ISP Law, Internet Access Service Safe and Security Mark Promotion Group, and Telecom-ISAC Japan.

2003- Jaipa started to participate in the activities of ICANN.

2004- It participated in the establishment of the spam measure committee of the Internet Association Japan and in the Internet Governance Task Force of Japan(IGTF-J).

2005- JAIPA joined the Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center, participated in the establishment of the e-Net Caravan Promotion Council and the Next Generation IP Network Promotion Forum.

2006- It participated in the creation of a next generation network of operators and in the Information Security Promotion Council in the telecommunication industry.

2007- Participated in the Council of Network Neutrality and Study Group on Responding to Illegal and Harmful Information on the Internet.

2008- Participated in the establishment of anti-piracy file sharing software, Anti-spam and the establishment of satellite broadband promotion.

2009- Joined in the establishment of safety net, IPV6 use of advance internet, anti pronography Tooru RYuu, anti-phishing and the establishment of Japan Internet's domain name.

2010- JAIPA participated in the World IPV6 Day of ISP briefing and created an alliance with JP Cert/CC and Anti Phishing Council of Japan to promote the APWG Education Landing Page Program.[2]


In order to achieve its purpose, JAIPA performs the following functions:[3]

  • Exchange and the common use of information among Internet service providers
  • Improvement of technical knowledge among Internet service providers
  • Consultation, advice and support to incubate business for the management of Internet service provider business
  • Arranging opinions, requests and proposals from Internet service providers
  • Cooperation and coordination of all related organizations to both Internet service provider business and non-Internet service provider business
  • Researching and developing of information communication technology in Internet-related business fields
  • Investigative research on both the market for, and systems used in, Internet-related business
  • Improvement of information literacy among Internet users
  • Education, publicity, and publication of materials for Internet use and other work necessary to accomplish the purposes and aims of this association


Membership in the association is governed by the Civil Code with 3 categories:[4]

  1. Regular Member- a group or an individual who runs an Internet service provider business or related business
  2. Supporting Member- a group or an individual who agrees with the purposes of the association
  3. Honorary Member- an individual who contributed to the development of the association or someone with experience and academic standing recommended by the board of directors and approved in a general meeting