Javier Chandía Rojas

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Javier C.jpg
Country: Chile
Email: jchandiar [at] portalcoquimbo.cl

Javier Chandia Rojas is the President of Internauta Chile, and the Latin American Federation of Internet Users (FLUI); he has held the latter position since 2009.[1][2]

Javier is a Certified Public Accountant and completed his thesis on E-Commerce Audit Webtrust.

Industry Participation

Javier Chandia Rojas is the President of the Association of Internet Users in Chile. He also sits on the Board of the Federation of Latin American Internet Users.[3], and also serves as a Director of Internet Day celebrations in Chile (May 17).[4]

Mr. Rojas is a frequent ICANN participant, and is particularly involved in the activities of LACRALO.[5][6][7][8]


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