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The Meeting Strategy Working Group (MSWG) was formed in 2013 to discuss and propose a strategy for future ICANN Meetings beginning in 2015.

In February 2014 the MSWG posted a draft document for public comment that outlined it's recommendations. The proposed strategy would keep the current regional rotation of the meetings, but change the length of the meetings.

  • The first meeting each year would be 6-7 days, which as of 2014 was the current length of all ICANN meetings.
  • The second meeting of the year would be shorter in duration (3-4 days) and would focus on SO and AC work. This second meeting would attempt to be hosted by venues that could not support the larger meetings.
  • The third meeting of the year would be the longest and largest (8-9 days) and would include the AGM and Public Board meetings.
  • The group proposed a change to the Public Forum, which is currently held at the end of each Meeting, where a 90-minute forum would be held at the beginning of the meeting, and a 120-minute forum would occur at the end of the meeting. Additionally, the Public forum would only occur at the 1st and 3rd meetings of each year.[1]