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ICANN's Meetings Team plays a leadership role in the development and implementation of strategic planning for the structure, purpose, timing, and regional rotation of ICANN Public Meetings. The team ensures that the selected cities, venues, meeting facilities, and services provide an economically responsible environment conducive to an effective meeting. ICANN Public Meetings adapt and evolve to meet their purpose, community needs, and the global landscape. In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the suspension of global travel made in-person meetings impossible. Meeting organizers shifted and conducted the meetings virtually and strived to maximize attendees’ engagement and satisfaction.

ICANN Meetings Team

  • VP, Global Meeting Operations
  • Director, Meeting Planning Operations
  • Meetings Technical Services Network Senior Engineer
  • Meeting Production Operations Director
  • Senior Meeting Planner and Operations Analyst
  • Senior Meeting Planner
  • Senior Manager, Meeting Technical Services
  • Meeting External Relations Director
  • Meeting Strategy and Design Director
  • Meetings Project Manager
  • Sr. Manager Events – Los Angeles


  • Travel Services Planner
  • Sr. Manager, Travel Support