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Industry: Internet
Founded: 2002
Key People
Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura, Moderator

NAPLA is the acronym for Network Access Points of Latin America. A network access point or an IXP is a point where ISPs meet to exchange data between them. NAPLA is an effort by IXPs of Latin America and Caribbean to create a better data sharing environment within the region. NAPLA manages a mailing list and holds annual meeting alongside the annual meeting of LACNIC.[1]


NAPLA started holding its annual meetings in 2003.[2] Staff and members from exchange points participate in NAPLA meetings to resolve general issues, including: facilitation of peering agreements, receiving updates from exchange points in the region, discussions about technical innovations in exchange points technology, and any other issues related to inter-connectivity of the Latin American and Caribbean region.[3]

The details of each meeting can be seen on the following pages:

Network Access Points

NAPLA's member Network Access Points are:

  • OCIX (Open Caribbean Internet eXchange) at St. Maarten.
  • NAP CABASE in Argentina.
  • NAP do Brasil in Brazil.
  • NAP.EC in Ecuador.
  • NAP Colombia in Colombia.
  • Nic Nicaragua in Nicaragua.
  • PttMetro BA in Brazil.
  • PttMetro DF in Brazil.
  • PttMetro MG in Brazil.
  • PttMetro PR in Brazil.
  • PttMetro RJ in Brazil.
  • PttMetro RS in Brazil.
  • PttMetro SC in Brazil.
  • PttMetro SP in Brazil.[4]