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Country: USA
Email: nora.abusitta[at]
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Nora Abusitta has been the Vice President of Public Responsibility Programs for ICANN since June 2013, where she oversees the development of programs that reinforce ICANN's commitment to public responsibility through education, capacity-building, linguistics, and the like. She has also been the Executive Director of International and Intergovernmental Organizations at ICANN since January 2013.[1]

In a news release from May 13, 2016, ICANN announced that Abusitta will step down from her position as Senior Vice President of Development and Public Responsibility Programs (DPRD). Abusitta will continue to work with ICANN until June 1, 2016 after which she will assist her team in the transition before her departure. In regard to her departure Abusitta stated "It has been an honor to work alongside dedicated and talented colleagues at ICANN, in particular the members of DPRD who were instrumental in building an infrastructure that empowers the community while ensuring participation within ICANN remains global and representative,"[2]

Abusitta's past experience also includes a 7-year stint from 2007 to 2014, where she served as advisor to the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates. She represented the UAE in the Los Angeles area.[1]

As of ICANN 50 in London, Abusitta had been to over six ICANN conferences; she had also attended IGF.[3]


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