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The '''Lao National Internet Center (LANIC)''' is the sponsoring organization for the .la [[ccTLD]], representing the Lao People's Democratic Republic (commonly known as Laos).<ref>[ IANA Root Database - .la]</ref> It also manages the [[IDN|internationalized]] domain for Laos, .ລາວ.<ref>[ IANA Delegation Report - .ລາວ], January 10, 2020.</ref> The organization provides administrative and technical registry functions.

In 1996, management of the .la domain was initially delegated with a specific employee within the Lao government as the administrative contact.<ref name="redel">[ IANA Redelegation Report - .la], December 11, 2002</ref> After forming LANIC in 2002, the government of Laos requested and was granted redelegation of the .la ccTLD.<ref name="redel"> As part of that effort, LANIC entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN.<ref>[ ICANN Board Minutes - Special Meeting of the Board], September 17, 2002</ref> LANIC joined the [[ccNSO]] in 2019.<ref>[ ccNSO - .la joins the ccNSO], April 3, 2019.</ref><ref>[ ccNSO Applications Archive - .la], March 23, 2019</ref><ref>There is a [ much older application] for ccNSO membership, from just after the formation of the ccNSO in 2003, that does not appear to have been accepted at the time.</ref> and .ລາວ==
The .la domain is an [[Open Use ccTLD]]. It has been marketed as a "location hack" for "Los Angeles, Latin America or Louisiana" since late 2000.<ref name="redel" /> In 2013, GoDaddy became involved in a similar marketing effort, this time specific to Los Angeles.<ref>[ Domain Name Wire - .la gets GoDaddy's Marketing Power], July 8, 2013.</ref> During that renewed marketing effort, the Phoenix Suns NBA franchise registered "," as a prelude to the playoff series between themselves and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014.<ref>[]</ref><ref>[ Domain Name Wire - gets about 100,000 pageviews in two weeks], August 15, 2013</ref>

The .ລາວ domain completed the [[IDN Fast Track]] evaluation process in 2018,<ref>[ - Completed Fast Track String Evaluations]</ref> and was delegated to LANIC on January 10, 2020.<ref>[ IANA Delegation Report - .ລາວ], January 10, 2020.</ref>

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