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International Telecommunication Union

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'''ITU''' is the abbreviation for '''International Telecommunications Union'''. It is the leading agency of the United Nations handling the information and communication technology issues. It is also the most important agency for private sectors and governments all across the world in developing networks and services. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the ITU is dedicated towards connecting the entire world through the various means of communications. <ref name="link1">[]</ref>
== ITU Sectors ==
The ITU comprises of four sectors – Standardization, Radio Communication and Development and ITU Telecom. Each of these sectors specializes in policy-related or technical issues in their area of interest. Each sector is led by a director who directly reports to the ITU Deputy Secretary General and the Secretary General. <ref linkname="link4">[ ]</ref>
'''Standardization:''' This sector of ITU is responsible for the production of sophisticated and globally accepted telecommunication standards and related documents which are not under the purview of the ITU Radio-communication Sector. <ref linkname="link4">[ ]</ref>
'''Radio-communication:''' This sector is charged with managing the satellite orbit resources and international radio-frequency spectrum.<ref name="link1">[]</ref> It also studies and provides necessary recommendations on issues related to radio-communication, ensures effective allocation of band of the radio-frequency system and works towards eliminating the interference between radio stations of different countries and enhance the use of geostationary satellite orbit. <ref linkname="link4">[ ]</ref>
'''Development sector:''' This sector sees to it that there is equal, affordable as well as sustainable access to information and communication technologies (ICTs).
'''ITU Telecom:''' This sector works towards bringing together the top names among the entire ICT industry. It also brings together the regulators as well as the top-level ministries on one platform such as a major exhibition or other opportunities. <ref linkname="link4">[ tiaonline]</ref>
== Relation with ICANN ==
== References ==
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