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Mark Elkins

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Career History
=== Career History ===
Mr. Elkins was a member of the [[AfrISPA]] from 2000 until 2010. He served as the director at [[UniForum SA]] for 25 years, where he managed the namespace.<ref>[ AfriNIC- 5 - Participants List]</ref><ref>[ Bios,]</ref> In 2009, he worked at AfriNIC for a few month as a board member. He was a member of ISPA from 2000 to 2009. Mr. Elkins joined UKOM systems in 1984 and worked there till 1986 as a CTO.
He has worked on Unix based computer systems since the beginning of his education. In 1984, he moved to South Africa from UK. After twelve years at Olivetti Systems and Networks, he started his own ISP, Posix Systems, an Internet Service Provider. He has been involved in Computer Communications since 1986.<ref>[ ITU and NRO joint Workshop “Adopting ipv6 – What you need to know”]</ref>

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