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'''TCR''' or '''Trusted Community Representative''' is a term given by [[ICANN]] to those who hold participate in ceremonies that manage the keys DNS Root Key Signing Key. The Root Key Signing Key is central to implementing [[DNSSEC]] of for the Internet. Every Each active TCR has been given a part of credentials that are used to interact with devices that contain the master Key during keysigning ceremonies. The first key signing ceremony took place on 16th June 2010. [[ICANN]] has taken this decision to avoid any terrorist attack or any other catastrophic event on the Internet. If it ever happened, the TCRs will meet at one place, generate a master key and will reboot the [[DNS]]. They they are nt rebooting the entire Internet, as many news outlets have stated, but rather rebooting the DNSSEC protocols, implemented in 2010, that protect the DNSnormally conducted four times a year.<ref>[ Internet Keyholders are Insurance against Cyber-Attack,]</ref> There are twenty-one TCRs selected by [[ICANN]] around the globe.<ref>[ Root-DNSSEC]</ref><ref>[ eWeekEurope]</ref>
==Current TCRs=====Main TCRs===The seven main recovery key share holders are:<ref>[ DNSSEC-Deployment]</ref> * [[Bevil WoodingICANN]]uses the participation of TCRs to ensure broader community trust in the process of managing the Root Key Signing Key. In normal operations, Trinidad Tobago* [[Dan Kaminsky]], USA* [[Jiankang Yao]], China* [[Moussa Guebre]], Burkina Faso* [[Norm Ritchie]], Canada* [[Ondřej Surý]], Czech Republic* [[Paul Kane]], UK ===Crypto ICANN is unable to utilise the Root Key Signing Key without the participation of a number of TCRs designated as "Cryptographic Officers for " to unlock the cryptographic devices that contain the US East Coast Facility===[[ICANN]] selected backup members as wellprivate key. They are: * [[Alain Aina]], BJ* [[AnneIn a disaster-Marie Eklund Löwinder]]recovery scenario, SE* [[Federico Neves]], BR* [[Gaurab Upadhaya]], NP* [[Olaf Kolkman]], NL* [[Robert Seastrom]], US* [[Vinton Cerf]], US ===Crypto Officers for the US West Coast Facility===* [[Andy Linton]], NZ* [[Carlos Martinez]], UY* [[Dmitry Burkov]], RU* [[Edward Lewis]], US* [[João Luis Silva Damas]], PT* [[Masato Minda]], JP* [[Subramanian Moonesamy]], MU ===Backup Crypto Officers===* [[Christopher Griffiths]], US* [[Fabian Arbogast]], TZ* [[John Curran]], US* [[Nicolas Antoniello]], UY* [[Rudolph Daniel]], UK* [[Sarmad Hussain]], PK* [[Ólafur Guðmundsson]], IS ===Backup another set of TCRs called "Recovery Key Share Holders===* [[David Lawrence]], US* [[Dileepa Lathsara]], LK* [[Jorge Etges]], BR* [[Kristian Ørmen]], DK* [[Ralf Weber]], DE* [[Warren Kumari]], US ==References=={{reflist}}" are used to decrypt backups of the private key.
* [ List of Trusted Community Representatives]

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