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Crystal Peterson

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{{People |portrait = PortraitComingCrystal-Peterson.jpg|caricature = CrystalPetersonCaricature.jpg|born organization=Neustar|region= North America|country = USA |email stakeholdergroup= Private Sector - Domain Name Industry|website affiliation=GNSO|blog = [ ClynnPete.tumblr]|twitter = clynnpete |facebook = |linkedin = [http Crystal LinkedIn]|cards twitter= [[Senegal Playing Card Deckclynnpete|Senegal]]userbox={{Template:UBX-CARDSSEN}}{{UBX-CARD52}} {{Template:UBX-CARD53}}
 '''Crystal Peterson''' is the Senior Manager Director of Channel Marketing at [[Neustar]]. She moved to the company when Neustar bought [[.co Internet]].<ref>[ .co InternetExecutive Team]</ref>
==Career History==
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