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The ICANNWiki Ambassador Program is an opportunity for contributors to the Swahili ICANNWiki to become leaders within ICANNWiki and out in the community. The Swahili ICANNWiki was created for the Swahili and East African communities. Our guiding principles will be used as a light framework that will provide structure and guidance, but the site will be built by those on the ground in East Africa. For this reason, it is important that we identify leaders in the community that will step up and set a good example for other editors and moderate the site to ensure that everything is handled appropriately and meets the standards and values that ICANNWiki is known for.

We have established a set of milestones that will be used to identify dedicated leaders in the community. This is not the only way to become a leader, but it is an established path that we believe will work. If you have other other of how you can become a leader, you can contact us at staff@icannwiki.com with your ideas or questions.

Program Details

Below are the requirements and benefits of the program.



100 edits or 10 Articles

  • Digital ICANNWiki Contributor Certificate
  • 1-Hour Live Personal Training Session

200 edits or 20 Articles

  • Promoted to Administrator Permissions
  • Role as Community Manager

500 edits or 50 Articles

  • Printed ICANNWiki Ambassador Certificate
  • ICANNWiki Care Package (Stickers and ICANNWiki Ambassador T-shirt)
  • Promoted to Bureacrat Permissions

1000 edits or 100 Articles

  • Potential to host ICANNWiki Workshop in local community