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Type: Corporation
Industry: Web Hosting and Infotech
Founded: 1994 under the name Managed Data Holdings.
Name changed to Latisys in the year 2007
Founder(s): Peter Stevenson
Doug Butler
Evans Mullan
Headquarters: 393 Inverness Parkway, Englewood, CO 80112
Businesses: Hosting Services and Management,
Disaster Recovery, IT Solutions
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@Latisys
Key People
Peter Stevenson, CEO
Doug Butler, Finance
Evans Mullan, Operations
Don Goodwin, VP, Sales and Marketing

(Note that the StarGate page redirects here, as the company was acquired by Latisys in August, 2008.)[1]

Latisys specializes in the management of online hosting, colocation and related services, and also has a department that focuses on disaster recovery.

The company deals with a range of customers from individuals to medium and large businesses and corporate enterprises. The company has been in business since 1994, and now owns high volume data centers at different locations in the United States.

Latisys allows companies that cannot afford their own data management systems to outsource their infrastructure requirements.[2]


The company was originally known as Managed Data Holdings, in 2000 changed its name to Latisys.

The company today owns three TIER III data facilities. The one in Chicago was previously the Stargate facility. Other data centers owned by the company are the former Data 393 center in Denver and the former InteleNet center in California.[3]


Latisys provides more than merely data management outsourcing, allowing companies to reduce their expenditure on hardware . It also has a sophisticated set of disaster recovery systems and protocols.[4]

Products and Services

Outsourced Infotech Solutions: These are for companies that wish to outsource infrastructure while retaining comprehensive control of the colocation system.

Recent news

Latisys has commenced construction of a massive TIER III data center measuring 93,000 square feet, and located in Orange County. This construction effort is powered by Latisys' successful refinancing, with its 65 million dollar credit facility enhanced to 110 million dollars.

When construction of the data center is complete, Latisys will be the single largest operator in the data management industry in Orange County. The new data center is located almost next door to Latisys' present center in California.

The facility is highly equipped, with ten megawatts in power, and supporting power densities of up to 250 watts per square foot.[5]


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