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The TDG is the abbreviation for Temporary Drafting Group. It was first established in an announcement made by ICANN on 28 April 2010.[1]

Purpose of forming the Temporary Drafting Group

The main purpose of the TDG is to assist ICANN General Counsel’s Staff and Office in drafting the proposed language for the gTLD agreement and issues related to the gTLD agreement. The main purpose of the TDG is to open a forum for the consideration of the language proposals for the new gTLD agreements, and on the issues that are yet to be resolved or are difficult to be resolved.

The results of the TDG are to be included in the documents, which were then posted for public comments. The results from the group will not necessarily be included in any of the agreement drafts, although they will be taken into consideration by the ICANN Staff for further discussion.[2]