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TIX is the abbreviation for Tanzania Internet eXchange. A project of the Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association or TISPA, TIX is an Internet exchange point in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. It was established in 2003 and is based at Posta Building, Ghana Avenue in Dar es Salaam.[1] As of October 2007, as many as 14 companies were a part of the Tanzania Internet Exchange.[2]


The main motive of TIX is to provide a local facility for the exchange of Internet traffic via an industry association/independent body. TIX encourages Tanzania's Internet Service Providers to connect their networks with one another so that they can transfer traffic more directly, offering new and efficient routing possibilities, which in turn speeds up local Internet access. It also provides new opportunities for local businesses, and helps them save lot of money that would otherwise have gone to the payment of international satellite links.[3]

Apart from this, the TIX also aims at reducing the cost of bandwidth for local traffic for ISP as well as for the end-users. It also wishes to enhance the convenience for accessing the local content by the end-users. It plans to create a networking hub with the help of which the Tanzanian society can seek information regarding the intensive services.[4]

The future plans of TIX

TIX looks forward to including more peering parties and providing greater volume of transit peering traffic. TIX is currently looking to connect with upcountry peers, as well as to other Regional Internet Exchanges. It is also planning to do site mirroring of the sites which are heavily visited.[5]