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Country: France
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Alain Pellet is a Professor of Public Interest Law, with a concentration on International Economic Law, at the University Paris Ouest, Nanterre/La Défense.[1] He has been elected to serve as the Independent Objector in ICANN's New gTLD Program, and will act on behalf of public interest. As the Independent Objector, he is permitted to lodge Limited Public Interest and Community objections against applications that have received no other objections, should he see fit.[2]

Career History

He has been a professor at the University Paris Ouest, Nanterre/La Défense since 1990.[3] He was the Director the University's Centre de Droit International (CEDIN) from 1991 until 2001, and has been a Member of the United Nations International Law Commission, acting as its Chair in 1997.

He has also been Counsel for various governments and international organizations, and has been designated to the Panel of Arbitrators of the ICSID by the Chairman of the Administrative Council for his work as counsel and lawyer in more than 40 cases before the International Court of Justice, and other international and transnational arbitrations. Pellet has served in many more positions, including Experts to the Arbitration Commission of the Peace Conference on the former Yugoslavia ("Badinter Arbitration Committee"), Rapporteur of the French Committee of Jurists on the Creation of an International Criminal for Former Yugoslavia ("TRUCHE Commission"), and the Legal Adviser of the World Tourism Organisation.[4]


Pellet received his Bachelors degree in Public Law in 1968 from the Faculty of Law and Economics, Paris. He has also received diplomas from the Institute of Political Studies, Paris in 1968 (public service section), and from the Faculty of Law and Economics, Paris in 1969 (advanced studied in political science and advanced studies in public law). He received a State doctorate in public law in 1974 from the University of Paris II, Panthéon – Assas, Paris.[5]