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Affiliation: RIPE NCC
Country: Netherlands
Email: axel.pawlik [at]
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   Axel Pawlik

Axel Pawlik was the Managing Director of RIPE NCC until 2019. He was appointed to this position in October 1999.[1] RIPE NCC is one of the five RIRs that deals with the allocation and administration of IP Addresses within Europe.

Professional Experience

  • 1985-1992: Axel was employed at the University of Dortmund, where he was an important contributor to the creation of UNIX networking within Germany.[2] During this period, he was also an active member of the Board of German UNIX Users Group, also referred to as GUUG.
  • 1988 - 1991: He was the Vice-Chairman of the EUnet Executive Committee, where he led the creation of EUnet Ireland Ltd, which aimed to strengthen the hosting of national EUnet networks throughout Europe.[3]
  • 1992: Axel founded and launched EUnet Deutschland GmbH. This company was mainly focused on providing Internet services, and soon became a popular leader at the European level.
  • 1994-1995: Axel Pawlik was made Chairman of the Board of EUnet Ltd.[4]
  • 1999-2019: Axel Pawlik became the Managing Director at RIPE NCC.
  • 2019: Axel Pawlik steps down as the Managing Director at RIPE NCC.[5]


Axel Pawlik holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Dortmund, Germany. He also holds a master's degree in Computer Science. [6]