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Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Email: dkasole [at] gmail.com
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Didier (Rukeratabaro) Kasole is an ICT Consultant and the Owner of Supranet,[1] the Chief Technology Officer of Roffe Hitech ISP, and a board member of AfriNIC and AfrISPA.[2]

Professional Organizations & Internet Development

He also chairs the Democratic Republic of Congo's chapter of ISOC, and is a founding member of the Internet Service Provider Association Democratic Republic of Congo. He is an active member of the African Network Operator Group (AfNOG), and is an Instructor at AfNOG workshops. He is a Member of the “Groupe de Travaille francophone pour Internet”. Previously, he maintained the African Top Level Domains (AfTLD) mailing list.[3]

Didier Kasole was member of ICANN Nominating Committee 2003.[4]

Didier Kasole took active part in the the development of the internet for the University of Kinshasa. After the Internet Society Workshop 99 he installed the first mail server at University of Kinshasa, in collaboration with the Network Startup Resource Center and workshop trainer Brian Candler.[5]. He also conducted a Linux seminar at Faculté des Sciences on Linux Router and servers.

Didier Kasole has a Master of Science Physics from the University of Kinshasa, and is fluent in French, English, Swahili, and Lingala. His home town is Kinshasa.

Career History

  • Chef de cellule Informatique, a Centre National de Coordination de la Formation pour de Developpement (CENACOF), 1989 - 1991.
  • Consultant Informatique, Zaire-Shell, 1992 - 2002.
  • Conseiller en Informatique, Centre de Cooperation Zaire-Canada, 1991- 1992.
  • Consultant, Canadian Embassy en Kinshasa 1991-1992.
  • Trainer of the CICR staff in Zaire and Brazzaville, 1994 - 1997.
  • Board member, AfriNIC, 2004 - Present.
  • Board member of AfrISPA ( African ISP Association ) and Team Leader for Afrispa Internet Exchange task force afix.afrispa.org.
  • Instructor, "Appui au desenclavement numerique" , a French project to bridge the digital divide in Africa.
  • Currently, he is serving as an ICT Consultant and Chief Technology Officer of Roffe Hitech Internet Service Provider.