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TCR or Trusted Community Representative is a term given by ICANN to those who participate in ceremonies that manage the DNS Root Key Signing Key. The Root Key Signing Key is central to implementing DNSSEC for the Internet. Each active TCR has been given credentials that are used to interact with devices that contain the Key during key signing ceremonies. The first key signing ceremony took place on 16th June 2010, and they are normally conducted four times a year.

ICANN uses the participation of TCRs to ensure broader community trust in the process of managing the Root Key Signing Key. In normal operations, ICANN is unable to utilise the Root Key Signing Key without the participation of a number of TCRs designated as "Cryptographic Officers" to unlock the cryptographic devices that contain the private key. In a disaster-recovery scenario, another set of TCRs called "Recovery Key Share Holders" are used to decrypt backups of the private key.