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[http://www.icann.org ICANN Website]
[http://www.icann.org ICANN Website]
[[Category:ICANN Meetings]]
[[Category:ICANN Meetings]]

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Dates: 14th - 15th December 2002
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Host: Netherlands
Venue: Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center
Website: [2]
Historical Significance
The plan for the ICANN Reform was achieved

ICANN 15 was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and was the first ICANN event to have been hosted within the Netherlands. Although it was a short ICANN event, it was still seen as a very successful event, and many new topics were discussed. All meetings had taken place at the Shearton Amsterdam Airport Hotel in Schiphol, Amsterdam.

The Main topic for this ICANN Event was to continue and complete work on the ICANN evolution and reform discussion, which had begun at the ICANN 14 Event in Shanghai. ICANN officers were also presented at this event for the following year at the ICANN board meeting, which had taken place on Sunday 15th December, the Final day of the Event.


Throughout ICANN 15 there were many meetings and sessions held. Some of which where a traditional part of the ICANN event such as the Public Forum and others which where exclusive to ICANN 15 such as the session on the New gTLD action plan. Below are a list of the sessions that had taken place, throughout ICANN 15.[1]

  • Transition Plan for Reformed ICANN
  • New gTLD Action Plan
  • Transition Plan for Reformed ICANN (Session 2)
  • Election of Officers
  • New gTLD Action Plan (Session 2)
  • Extension of IDN Committee


The sole purpose of this meeting was to discuss the ICANN reform. This was a discussion that was to last for two days, throughout a variety of different sessions. It had become apparent that there where minor adjustments, which had needed to be discussed before the reform pf ICANN could officially begin.

There had been several issues which had been raised since the new by-laws proposal back in October 2002. The ICANN board had used this short event to discuss these issues and come up with a potential resolution for the problems, to enable the reform to take place. The Full report on the ICANN reform discussion can be found through following the link below:

Fourth Supplemental Implementation Report


Transistion plan for the Reformed Structure

New gLTD Action Plan

ICANN Board Meeting in Amsterdam Real-Time Captioning

Location Information

Prelimanary Report of ICANN 15


There are several video files available to download from the Public forum and the [ICANN] Board Meeting. To watch the video files please follow the link provided.

ICANN 15 Video Footage

External Links

ICANN Website