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|portrait  = JodeeRichportrait.jpg
|portrait  = JodeeRichportrait.jpg
|caricature = CaricatureComing.jpg
|born      = New York
|born      = New York
|country    = USA
|country    = USA

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Caricature Coming:
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Country: USA
Email: jodeerich[at]peoplebrowsr.com

LinkIcon.png   http://www.peoplebrowsr.com

Facebook: Facebook.png   Jodee Rich
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Jodee Rich
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @wingdude

Throughout his career, Jodee has stood at the forefront of disruptive change. He first wrote code on punch cards in 1972. By 1979 he was writing software for the Apple II 64k microcomputer and subsequently founded Imagineering to market and distribute computer software and hardware. Jodee took Imagineering public in 1987 and grew the company to over 1,000 employees before it was acquired in 1990 by First Pacific. He then established mobile and long distance network operator One.Tel in 1995.[1]

In 2007 Jodee started PeopleBrowsr, a San Francisco based company, which has combined its Social OS Network Platform, Kred Influencer Analytics and datamine of over one Trillion Conversations to provide Enterprise, Government and new Top Level Domain owners the ability to launch their own social networks, with full engagement and powerful analytics.

PeopleBrowsr is the only company with a 500M+ profiles Datamine, the only one with very High speed Analytics, the only one with Real time Influence Scoring, and the only one Funded by DARPA to build a Next Gen Network.

Jodee is also a pilot, mad scientist, skier, blader, kite surfer, husband (of a banker) and father (of three).


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