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【.中文网】是一个尚在申请中的,无限制,完全开放的顶级域名。该域名是另一域名 .WEBSITE 的中文版。.WEBSITE 将在全球范围内推广以成为现有及新通用顶级域名的有力竞争者。此顶级域名将经手域名注册商用于商业投资并进行低成本管理。
【.中文网】是一个尚在无限制,完全开放的顶级域名。该域名是另一域名 .WEBSITE 的中文版。.WEBSITE 将在全球范围内推广以成为现有及新通用顶级域名的有力竞争者。此顶级域名将经手域名注册商用于商业投资并进行低成本管理。

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Status: Proposed
Language: Chinese (Hans/Simplified)
Translates to: website
Registry Provider: Afilias
Type: IDN gTLD
Category: Technology
Priority #: 35

.中文网 is an IDN gTLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program, the string translates as "website" from Hans/Simplified Chinese. The applicant is TLD REGISTRY LIMITED.[1]

.中文网 是一个国际化通用顶级域名。 该域名已被纳入ICANN的新通用顶级域名计划。申请人为TLD REGISTRY LIMITED.

Application Details

Excerpted from response to question # 18 in TLD application:

"Model: The proposed TLD is an unrestricted, open Top Level Domain (TLD). The top level domain is .中文网 representing the meaning ʺWebsite in Chineseʺ using Chinese Characters (Herein referred to as .WEBSITE). .WEBSITE will be globally commercialized to provide a competitive alternative to existing generic TLDs and to other new TLDs. The TLD will be run as a commercial venture for profit with a network of registrars and a low-cost platform for ongoing management.


The semantic meaning of the TLD

  • ʺ.WEBSITEʺ is synonymous with Internet presence and communicates the location of web-based information
  • Compliance with Chinese linguistic, aesthetic, legal, and business culture.

The translation into a Chinese character form

  • .ʺWEBSITEʺ in Chinese characters conforms to existing short 2 or 3 character TLDs that have proven user-appeal
  • the string is easily understood.

The use of an IDN:

  • 1.365 billion Chinese speakers world-wide are not yet served by a generic top-level domain in their language. Mandarin Chinese is an official language of the Peopleʹs Republic of China and one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
  • The use of the IDN characters to both the left and right of the dot means that users of the domain will not have to switch between keyboard types making using the domain faster and more appealing.

The Applicant has allocated appropriate funding to ensure the long-term viability and stability of their proposed registry. The Applicant believes that certain standards and services in the technical solution are paramount for delivering optimal functionality and service. The consumer should not be disadvantaged by limited services or up-front or recurring expenses."[2]


【.中文网】是一个尚在无限制,完全开放的顶级域名。该域名是另一域名 .WEBSITE 的中文版。.WEBSITE 将在全球范围内推广以成为现有及新通用顶级域名的有力竞争者。此顶级域名将经手域名注册商用于商业投资并进行低成本管理。


  • 目前全球尚有13.65 亿的中文用户没有享受中文通用顶级域名的服务。普通话作为中国的官方语言,是联合国6项官方用语之一。
  • 用户在使用国际化域名时并不需要转换打字方式,这将使国际化域名的使用更方便快捷。