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Status: Proposed
Language: Chinese (Hans/Simplified)
Translates to: "Amazon"
Manager: Amazon
Registry Provider: Neustar
Type: IDN Brand TLD
Priority #: 64

.亚马逊 is an IDN Brand TLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant is Amazon.[1]

.亚马逊 是一个国际化品牌顶级域名。该域名已被ICANN纳入其新通用顶级域名计划。域名申请方为亚马逊公司。

IO Objection

ICANN's Independent Objector (IO) filed a Community Objection against the .亚马逊 string. The IO is an appointed authority on international law whose role to objected to strings on the grounds of Community harm and Limited Public Interest were detailed in the applicant guidebook. His objections are official objections and are funded by ICANN, though his office is otherwise independent. Reasons for the specific case against .亚马逊 were not initially given, but the community objection generally argues that the TLD faces opposition or is contrary to a significant portion of a community which it purportedly aims to serve. The IO must determine: That the community is a clearly delineated community; that there is a strong association between the community and the string applied for; there is a strong association between the segment of the community on whose half we objects and the string itself; and he must determine that the TLD would produce a significant material detriment to this sizable portion of the community.[2]

He also objected to the Japanese and English versions of the string, .アマゾン, and .amazon.

IO Objection


该独立异议者同时还对 .亚马逊 的日文(.アマゾン)和英文(.amazon)版本提出了反对。

Application Details

Excerpts from response to question # 18 in TLD application:

"Amazon’s Intellectual Property group will be responsible for the development, maintenance and enforcement of a Domain Management Policy. The Domain Management Policy will define (i) the rules associated with eligibility and domain name allocation, (ii) the license terms governing the use of a .亚马逊 domain name, and (iii) the dispute resolution policies for the .亚马逊 gTLD. Amazon will continually update the Domain Management Policy as needed to reflect Amazon’s business goals and, where appropriate, ICANN consensus policies. Registration of a domain name in the .亚马逊 registry will be undertaken in four steps: (i) Eligibility Confirmation, (ii) Naming Convention Check, (iii) Acceptable Use Review, and (iv) Registration. All domains in the .亚马逊 registry will remain the property of Amazon.


Applications from Amazon and its subsidiaries for domains in the .亚马逊 registry will be considered by Amazon’s Intellectual Property group and allocated in line with Amazon’s business goals. The .亚马逊 registry will not be promoted by hundreds of registrars simultaneously, so there will not be multiple-applications for a particular domain."[3]


亚马逊公司的知识产权部门将全权负责【.亚马逊】这一域名的域名管理计划。该计划包括域名的发展,维护及实施。计划将对(i)与合格域名及其分配相关的条例,(ii)【.亚马逊】之下其他域名的使用管理许可条例,以及(iii)解决与【.亚马逊】相关纠纷的条例进行定义。亚马逊公司将根据公司经营目标及与ICANN达成一致的方针,对此域名管理计划不断进行调整更新 。在【.亚马逊】名下注册的域名将遵循以下4个步骤:(i)资格确认,(ii)命名规范审查,(iii)合格的使用评论,以及(iv)正式注册。所有在【.亚马逊】下注册的域名都被视为亚马逊公司的财产。