Manager: Charleston Road Registry Inc. (Google)
Registry Provider: Charleston Road Registry Inc.
Type: Generic
Category: Lifestyle

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.are was one of 101 TLDs applied for by Google through its subsidiary Charleston Road Registry Inc.; it was applied for as a type of "domain hack", to create URLs like dogs.are/cute.

The application was later criticized as flying directly in the face of ICANN's applicant guidebook given that it clearly lays out that geographic and territory names on the ISO 3166-1 standard list are protected. ARE is on that list as a designation of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, it was quickly suggested that the application will be rejected outright.[1] Google also applied for .and and .est, which have the same conflict.[2]In September, 2012, it was noted that Google had withdrawn all three applications.[3]