Status: Delegated
Manager: Andrei Dumitriu
Registry Provider: CentralNic
Type: Generic
Category: Technology
Website: www.nic.cam
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@dotCAMregistry
Priority #: 429 - AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.cam is a new generic top level domain name delegated in ICANN's New gTLD Program. AC Webconnecting Holding B.V. was the sole applicant and managed the TLD until February 9th 2021, when the management role has been transferred to CAM Connecting SarL. [1] [2]



Initially, there were 3 applicants : Demand Media (United TLD|United TLD Holdco Ltd.), Famous Four Media (dot Agency Limited) and AC Webconnecting Holding B.V..Verisign submitted a separate String Confusion Objection to the ICDR against each of the applicants for .cam, on the basis that Internet users would confuse the string with the popular .com string. In two of the three objections submitted, the panelist assigned to the case ruled in favor of the applicant, meaning the objection was dismissed. However, Verisign prevailed in the objection against Demand Media's application. Demand Media appealed the decision and finally won. After an auction process, AC Webconnecting Holding B.V.remained the sole applicant for the new gTLD.
On February 9th 2021, AC Webconnecting Holding B.V. assigned CAM Connecting SarL as the legal entity operating .CAM gTLD.


See other examples of .CAM websites on www.nic.cam.