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Status: Will Not Proceed due to Objection
Registry Provider: Afilias
Type: Brand TLD
Priority #: 112 - Del Monte International GmbH

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.delmonte was a Brand TLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant was Del Monte International GmbH.[1]

There was an objection to the TLD involving a former partner. The applicant is a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc. The objector is Del Monte Corp.The former was spun off from the latter in 1989, and both are known for their fruit products.[2] The objection was upheld by WIPO, the panel designated to handle Legal Rights Objections; it was the first such Legal Rights Objection to be upheld by WIPO.[3] The objector prevailed and the application will not proceed[4]

Application Excerpts

"The goal of the .DELMONTE TLD is to help Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc. (DelMonte), a global business, establish a meaningful and relevant identity on the Internet while promoting their company and those under the .DELMONTE TLD at the same time. This will further the company’s brand identity and develop increased trust among customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners.

There are many reasons why Del Monte desires a .DELMONTE TLD:

i. Del Monte is constantly looking for ways to increase its already-leading position in the produce industry. ii. Del Monte desires to create a professional and user-friendly web presence to support merchandising, retailing, supply chain and business goals. iii. Del Monte affiliates and partners may wish to create .DELMONTE domain websites in support of Del Monte, to improve communications and create a more effective interface with customers. iv. Del Monte may wish to announce planned business offerings and marketing efforts through the .DELMONTE TLD.

Del Monte is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, as well as a leading producer and distributor of prepared fruits and vegetables, juices, beverages and snacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company’s products have been marketed worldwide under the DEL MONTE® brand since 1892.


All domains under this TLD will be managed by Del Monte, so they will only be made available to entities and individuals that have been personally approved and are known to intend to use a domain to promote the brand and products of Del Monte.

The mission and purpose of this TLD is to enhance and complement existing brand strategies of DelMonte and present the organization in a consistent manner. As such, DelMonte intends to limit registration of domains either for its exclusive use or for use by closely affiliated organizations in a manner that contributes to the purpose of this TLD. DelMonte also intends to govern the domain names registered to limit confusion and enhance user experience. To accomplish these objectives, DelMonte may be the sole registrant of domains in the TLD."[5]