Status: Proposed
Type: Generic
Category: Lifestyle
Priority #: 1194 - Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)
1219 - Oriental Trading Company, Inc.
1284 - dotStrategy, Co.

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.fun is a proposed TLD in ICANN's New gTLD Program.

Current Applicants

  1. dotStrategy, Co.- The company aims to provide a dedicated family-oriented online space for entities creating funny and amusing content for all ages. Its back-end registry service provider is Neustar. [1] This applicant submitted a Public Interest Commitment, which can be downloaded here.
  2. Google (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)- This is one of the 101 domain name strings filed by the search engine giant. Google’s Registry platform will be used for the entire technical registry operations of the TLD. [2]
  3. Oriental Trading Company, Inc. (OTC)- The company plans to restrict the operations of the TLD to promote its brand identity. Its goal is to provide targeted services, content and products that are significant to consumers. The TLD will also serve as an authoritative domain name space for OTC, its affiliates, and partners to assure that consumers are buying authentic products and services. The company chose Neustar to provide back-end registry services. [3]