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Status: Active
country: Italy
Manager: Registro.it
Type: ccTLD
Key People
483,881 (2011)[1]

.it is the country code top-level domain name (ccTLD) for Italy. Its operations are managed by the Registro.it (NIC-it).[2].

Internationalized Domain Names

Beginning in July 11th, 2012, all .it domain names began allowing Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), allowing them to support Italian, French, and German accents and characters. In five minutes, 1,737 new IDNs were registered; in thirty, 2,620; in four hours, eight thousand.[3]

The first .it IDN name, registered in three seconds, was perché.it, followed by perchè.it, a misspelling of the former. Common words were registered in the first hours, along with accented words that are usually devoid of accents, such as "agentì", "pizzà", and "ìtalià". Non-Italian proper nouns were also registered in their native tongue, in the case of IDNs related to Austria -- österreich.it -- and the German city Cologne -- köln.it.[3]


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