Status: Proposed
Registry Provider: Verisign
Type: Generic
Category: Lifestyle
Priority #: 144 - Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.

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.lifestyle is a proposed TLD in ICANN's New gTLD Program, the applicant is Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[1]

Application Excerpt

The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18:

"The mission of .lifestyle is to provide diverse Internet users an enhanced online experience through high quality programming, content, information and authentic connected experiences centered on travel, design, entertainment, food, home life, entertaining, self-help, and other related concepts, topics and activities. .lifestyle will be a Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc., (“SNI”) branded top level domain and intends to function, per the ICANN-Registry Operator Registry Agreement, as a Specification 9 exempt system that will seek to provide Internet users with the confidence that all of the programming, information, social media, shopping and lifestyle opportunities found on the .lifestyle branded top level domain is authentic, genuine, safe and secure and affiliated with SNI’s family of lifestyle brands.


.lifestyle intends to function, per the ICANN-Registry Operator Registry Agreement, as a Specification 9 exempt system. All second level domains will be for the benefit of .lifestyle users and affiliates. All other subdomain names intended to be used within .lifestyle registry will be controlled and managed by Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc., for the benefit of itself or affiliates.

It is the intent of the Applicant to request an exemption from the new gTLD Code of Conduct per Section 6 of Specification 9 of the Registry Operator Code of Conduct. As such, Applicant intends to function in such a way that all domain name registrations in the TLD shall be registered to and maintained by Applicant and Applicant will not sell, distribute or transfer control of domain name registrations to any party that is not an Affiliate of Applicant as defined in the ICANN-Registry Operator Registry Agreement. All domain name registrations intended to be used within Applicant’s registry will be registered to and controlled and maintained by Applicant and for the benefit of Applicant and its users, parents, sisters and Affiliates.

In the event that Applicant is not granted an exemption from Specification 9, Applicant will partner with a corporate registrar with expertise in running a registry to support such efforts. Applicant intends to partner with its current corporate registrar or one of similar technical capability and expertise and allocate the appropriate funds and human resources to ensure that both itself, as the registry operator, and its selected registrar are at all times in compliance with ICANN guidelines."[2]