Status: Delegated
Registry Provider: CentralNic
Type: Brand TLD

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.stcgroup is a Brand TLD delegated to the Root Zone in ICANN's New gTLD Program on 28 August 2015. The applicant is Saudi Telecom Company.[1][2]

Application Details

The following is excerpted from the applicant's reply to question #18:

"The Saudi Telecommunication Group (“STC”) has chosen to apply for the TLD to promote awareness of its services and products and facilitate the digital growth and physical expansion of STC. The TLD will control and protect STC and its Trademarks by providing an official digital hub for consumers worldwide as well as fostering consumer trust by creating a secure and technically stable zone. STC’s mission requires it to exceed customers’ expectations in order to collectively reach new horizons, and the company is confident that the deployment of the TLD will enable it to do so. STC is also confident that the TLD will allow the company not only to achieve its own goals but also contribute to ICANNʹs commitment to innovation, consumer protection, security, and stability across new markets. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, STC provides integrated mobile, fixed, and broadband communications services to over 126 million subscribers in 10 markets (34 million in Saudia Arabia alone). It is the largest telecommunications company by market capitalization, total revenue, and number of employees in the Arab State region and ranks 14th among telecommunications companies worldwide. Strong leadership coupled with strategic investments have increased shareholder value and enabled STC to provide 98% coverage and the introduction of new products and services (3G, 3.5G, LTE, BlackBerry, IPTV, MMS) in Saudi Arabia while successfully expanding into foreign markets (Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Jordan). STC has built sophisticated networks and used advanced technologies to provide quality service and achieve the company’s goal of consumer satisfaction. The introduction of innovative technologies such as fibre optic broadband service and InVISION, a pioneering multimedia service, as well as its expansion program directly mirrors ICANN’s commitment to the extension of choice and the promotion of secure and stable technology across new and emerging markets. The term “stc group” is associated with a vast array of products and services related to STC and they include but are not limited to: mobile and fixed line communications; broadband; and multimedia broadcasting. As a result, millions of Internet users and consumers worldwide associate the term “stc group” with Saudi Telecommunication Group, and this number is only projected to increase with the forecast expansion of STC throughout its target market. STC holds Trademarks in multiple jurisdictions including Saudi Arabia, ensuring not only the protection of the brand but also its public recognition. STC seeks to become the broadband operator of choice by offering ubiquitous access, converged offerings, and innovative content and applications. It also strives to provide its customers with an integrated experience, tailored offerings, and excellent customer service while serving as a catalyst for economic and social development, empowerment, and expansion throughout the MENA region. It is currently the sole operator within Saudi Arabia to provide the interactive Facebook Zero service as well as Facebook SMS. The introduction of these services represents an important breakthrough not only in the unprecedented level of technology and quality of service offered to STC’s customers but also in the immediate effect of social networking (of which there are two million users in Saudi Arabia). Additionally, the launch of Twitter Messaging allows STC’s customers to send and receive Twitter messages via SMS for the first time. The decision to apply for the TLD thus falls squarely within STC’s goals and echoes ICANN’s commitment to consumer empowerment, innovation, and competition. It will reinforce STC’s overall credibility and reputation for technical stability, security, customer service, and excellence. STC is a multi-award winning organization, and it has received recognition and accolades from industry organizations and counterparts in every field – from innovation (Cisco) and customer care (Middle East Excellence Awards Institute) to Transparency (BMG Financial Consultants) and Operational Excellence (TM Forum). In addition to its commitment to technology and its consumers, STC takes its mission of corporate social responsibility very seriously. The company supports governmental development projects for the public and private sector and is an active member in numerous events and initiatives. It carries out projects in various fields and continuously endeavors to provide specialized and comprehensive telecommunications solutions in order to boost the economy and enrich the social and intellectual lifestyle within Saudi Arabia and across the company’s markets. STC actively contributes to various programs including health care, community needs (with a special emphasis on people with disabilities, for whom it also offers discounted services, and orphans), education, and sport. In recognition of its efforts, STC was presented with the Leadership Award for Corporate Social Responsibility from the International Institute for Social Responsibility in Dubai. The TLD will provide a digital home for information about all the previously-mentioned services as well as facilitate the future expansion of STC’s web and market presence. As STC actively expands into new markets and service categories, the TLD will serve as a platform for innovation as well as technical security and stability. STC will retain domains for internal use, educating consumers about its diverse service offering as it expands. As STC launches into new countries across its target region, it will simultaneously extend the outreach of the TLD – ensuring not only the promotion of the STC brand but also the effective organization of the Group’s domain name structure and the technical security and stability of its Internet presence. The TLD will allow STC to continue innovating and bringing new products to an emerging consumer base without compromise and achieve its corporate goals of driving efficiency in operations, investing in long-term growth, and promoting a strong brand and reputation – thereby exceeding customer expectations and reaching new horizons."[3]