Status: Delegated
Registry Provider: Verisign
Type: Brand TLD
Priority #: 293 - Microsoft

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.xbox is a Brand TLD delegated in ICANN's New gTLD Program. Microsoft manages the TLD and is its Registry. The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the Root Zone on 04 June, 2015.[1].[2]

Application Details

The following is an excerpt from the applicant's response to question #18:

"The mission of Microsoft Corporation is to transform the way people work, play and communicate through the provision of software, services and hardware. Microsoft does business throughout the world, with offices in more than 100 countries and over 90,000 employees. Every day, billions of consumers and businesses work, play, and communicate using Microsoft software, services, and hardware.

Microsoft launched the original Xbox game console in 2001. It was succeeded by Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, the online service for Xbox 360, which currently has 35 million members worldwide who cumulatively spend 2.1 billion hours a month on the service. Introduced in November 2010, Kinect for Xbox 360 set a Guinness World Record as the fastest-selling gaming peripheral by selling 8 million units in 60 days. The content and games enjoyed on the Xbox playform is generated by internal game and entertainment studios as well as third party game developers and entertainment partners. The bestselling Xbox games include Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War.

The missions of the .xbox registry are to lay the groundwork for providing consumers who interact with Microsoft through the .xbox registry with a more secure and authentic experience, to protect the Xbox brand, and to promote the Xbox gaming and entertainment console, Kinect game system devices, and XBOX LIVE entertainment services.

We are assessing the opportunities that an .xbox gTLD has for the delivery of secure communications, products, and services.


Registration of a .xbox domain name will be restricted to Microsoft Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries.

All domains in the .xbox registry will be registered to Microsoft Corporation or one of its wholly owned subsidiaries."[3]