Association des Industries de Marque

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AIM (Association des Industries de Marque) is the European Brands Association. It represents manufacturers of branded consumer goods in Europe on issues affecting enterprises' ability to design, distribute, and market their brands.


AIM represents 2,500 businesses, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, through its corporate and national association members. AIM’s mission is to create an environment of fair and vigorous competition, foster innovation, and guarantee value to consumers. AIM’s corporate members invested €14 billion in Research & Development in Europe in 2014, placing them fifth in the EU ranking of R&D investment.[1]


Since its founding in 1967, AIM has sought to develop collaboration among national brand manufacturer associations across Europe. Since 1992, with the onset of the Single Market, membership has been open to individual brand manufacturing companies as well. Today, the association comprises 50 brand manufacturing companies in the consumer goods (FMCG) sector in Europe and 20 national brand manufacturer associations.[2]