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| headquarters    =  
| headquarters    =  
| country        = Poland
| country        = Poland
| website        = [http://www.az.pl/]
| website        = http://www.az.pl/
| keypeople    = [[Albert Jerka]],<br> [[Andrzej Kostrzewa]]
| keypeople    = [[Albert Jerka]]<br> [[Andrzej Kostrzewa]]

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Type: Profit Corporation
Founded: 1996
Country: Poland
Website: http://www.az.pl/
Key People
Albert Jerka
Andrzej Kostrzewa

AZ.pl was founded in 1996 in Stettin, Poland. In 2010, the majority of AZ.pl was taken over by Key-Systems. The company is has the third largest registration of Polish domains, with more than 10% of the market and over 240,000 domains. The company offers a large variety of services such as domain name registration, email accounts and site-building tools.[1]

AZ.pl is the first ICANN accredited registrar in Poland and as of 2010 it ranked as the third most prominent registrars of the Polish .pl ccTLD, with 10% of the market. At that time it was administering some 240,000 domains.

For a comparative breakdown of the extension that their customers are registering with AZ.pl, see here.