Ahlem Ismail

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Affiliation: Huawei Technologies
Country: Tunisia
Email: hotessebravo[at]hotmail.fr
LinkedIn: link=Ahlem Ismail   [Ahlem Ismail Ahlem Ismail]

Ahlem Ismail has worked for the non-profit, MENA, as a Public Relation Officer since February 2015. She focuses on the Corruption Free Society Initiative, by liaising with key people, writing case studies and speeches, organizing events, maintaining information, managing PR duties, and a number of other planning and implementation processes.[1][2]


Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology

Conference Involvement

ICANN 55 was her first ICANN Meeting, where she was involved with NextGen@ICANN, though he also attended MEASIG Tunisia.[1]


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