Alexander Mayrhofer

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Affiliation: ccNSO
Stakeholder Group(s): Private Sector - Domain Name Industry
Region: Europe
Country: Austria
Email: alexander.mayrhofer [at]

Alexander Mayrhofer is the Team Leader of Research and Development at, and has held that position since August 2002.[1] One of his most recent projects includes the implementation and deployment of "Registry-in-a-Box",'s registry solution for new gTLD registries.[2]

Mayrhofer has also been involved as the Working Group Chair of the DRINKS working group since June 2008.[2]

As of ICANN 52 in Singapore, Mayrhofer had attended over four ICANN conferences as well as IETF. He is also a regular attendee of CENTR and domainpulse conferences.[2]

When he isn't involved with internet governance and computer-related activities, he is very interested in photography and scuba diving.[2]


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