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Country: Australia
Email: alireza.kashian [at],

kashian [at], alireza [at]

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   Alireza Kashian
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   Alireza Kashian
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Alireza Kashian is a member of the ICANN community since 2004 and currently lives in the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, Australia.

Update December 2016: He is a senior adviser to the deputy minister of ICT and head of the ICT Organization of Iran ( to develop and enhance International relations for Internet Governance and better management of internet resources in Iran.

He is finishing his Ph.D. in the domain of data science and geomatics in Mid 2017 and his research is focused on Quality control of Geodata in Crowdsourcing projects such as OpenStreetMap and Google Map Maker.

He has attended dozen of ICANN meetings around the world. He started his ICANN journey first in Kualalumpur (July 2014 ICANN #20).

Alireza has background knowledge in electrical engineering and computer science, specially the design and implementation of software algorithms and managing IT projects. He has a broad range of expertise as a serial entrepreneur, working on some online projects including Mega project of Tehran Map ( (started in 2008).

As an active member of the Internet Governance community in Iran, Alireza has worked on different research projects including IPv4 stats in Iran (2003), IPv6 Transition (2004), Cybercrime Law (2004-2005), Dispute Resolution Policies inside Iran. Alireza was also the executive secretary of the Working Group of Internet Governance in Iran during the years 2004 and 2005.

In 2005, Alireza translated and published the book: Internet Governance: A Grand Collaboration into Persian.

Alireza is currently working on his Phd degree at the University of Melbourne. His research interests are: Volunteered Geographic Information, Human Computer Interaciton, Collaborative Mapping, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cartography. He is also research assistant at the Center for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS).

Alireza is currently working on establishing the ISOC chapter in IRAN and he wants the community of Irainan IT egingeers to join the global policy making procedure. If you are interested to join ISOC chapter in IRAN. please goto


  • Alireza is currently CEO of Rojina Computer Ltd. which is an Iranian private limited company specialized on location-based services and online software development. (since 2004). Reference:
  • Since Jan 2016, He is founder and director of Raoko Pty Ltd In Australia which holds Tagrio asset management products. Reference for companies: and

Career History

  • Alireza was CEO and Director for IranServers Ltd 2002-2004, Hyper System (Farabord System) (2001-2002), Lilihood Pte. Ltd (2007-2011)
  • Alireza was founder and editor in Chief for Arpanet Magazine at Isfahan University of Technology (Best magazine of the year) (2001-2003)
  • Alireza founded several online projects such as:PicArtia, HidePlex, Eventorial, Talkomotion, RoadPlex, WarnWave.



Alireza is currently PhD student at the University of Melbourne. (Updated December 2016)

Alireza received a Master of Engineering (By research) at Nanyang Technological University (2005 to 2007) [2]