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Industry: IT Products and Solutions
Founded: 1990
Founder(s): Chitra Madhok and Anjay Madhok
Headquarters: # 1, Unitech Trade Centre
Sector 43, Gurgaon, Haryana
Country: India
Products: XMS, XRI Telephony, ProIdentity
Key People
Sanjay Dwivedi

AmSoft Systems is a company that works with Identity Technology and offers IT products and solutions worldwide. It is dedicated in helping businesses to improve transactions, value-exchange models and solve problems in cross-domain semantics, data usage, privacy controls, trust and regulatory compliance. [1]


Chitra and Adjay Madhok founded AmSoft Systems in India in 1990. With more than 15 years of experience developing system platforms for numerous clients all over the world, the company provides cost effective, lifetime IT products and solutions around the globe.[2]

As a company, AmSoft Systems is recognized for its platform-driven approach with core objective in providing innovative solutions in the fields of Media, Telecommunications and Enterprise, helping its clients to convert and enhance their IT infrastructure into a service-oriented architecture with a lasting result.

Among the notable IT solutions projects completed by AmSoft Systems since its establishment include:

1. Graphics Delivery Platform in 1992 for the Barcelona, Olympics
2. Multimedia Payphone Network for Schlumberger in 1994
3. Re-Engineering of Legacy Services for Telecom Austria in 1998
4. WAP Services for Tele Ring and Mobile Payment Gateway for Deutsche Bank in 1999
5. Mobile Notes for O2 in 2004
6. VoIP and Media Applications for IP Unity in 2005

Solutions and Products mMthodology

The company operates in the United States, Europe and Asia. Its development center is located in India with more than 100 systems and software engineers utilizing proven development methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that every solutions practice is cost-effective and successful.

AmSofts System’s specialists use the "Reference Solution Frameworks" and the "How To Solve IT" solution configuration methodologies to achieved the core IPR innovations intended for its clients with lower development cost, reduced risk and a shorter time implementation.[3]


  1. eXtensible Meta-mediary Service (XMS), an Identity enabled messaging solution, a one to one marketing strategy that enables advertisers to promote their products to targeted subscribers using an enhance profile based on state, availability and intent while preserving privacy.[4]
  1. XRI telephony is a phone that provides a unique lifetime “Identifier” that works across all contexts/domains such as IM, Skype, etc. It can be associated with multiple concrete identifiers to a single permanent identifier{=bob, @amsoft/+(ceo), =dave/(+phone)/(+work)}that enables mobile subscribers to be able to receive communications without giving their important personal information. [5]
  1. ProIdentity is an AmSoft supported registration toolkit to help registrars to register and manage identities, it is fully compatible with OASIS XRI standards that enables it to integrate anything within the environment. [6]

Inames is the latest ProIdentity service released by AmSoft Systems in partnership with, Cordance and Neustar. [7]