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Affiliation: .se
Country: Sweden
Email: annemarie.eklundlowinder [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Anne Marie Eklund Lowinder

Anne Marie Eklund Lowinder is the founder and CEO of Amelsec. She was the CISO at Internetstiftelsen for almost 20 years and is ranked as one of Sweden’s leading experts on IT security.[1] She held this position since 2004 and is responsible for security and long-term strategic management of Swedish ccTLD .se.

She is a board member at Swedish ISOC Chapter, ISOC-SE, the Swedish Network Users' Society (SNUS).[2] Anne-Marie is also a member of the board of IRI (The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute) and the foundation TU-Stiftelsen.

Anne-Marie is furthermore a member of the information security council of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and attends IT-related meetings. She was appointed by ICANN as a Crypto Officer in the DNSSEC key generation for the Internet root zone. [3]

Career History

Ms. Lowinder has been working in the Information Security Industry since 1984. From 2004-2006, she has been the Chair of SIG Security. She worked as a Project Manager with The Swedish ICT Commission (IT-kommissionen)

She was a member of the first groups that helped the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) and Swedac develop the LIS standard for information security management.[4]


She holds a Ph.C in Computer Science from the University of Stockholm.[5]


Many of her articles can be read here Some of her publications can be read here

Awards and Honors

She was regarded as Sweden’s foremost expert on IT security by the magazine Computer Sweden.

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Anne Marie is dressed in red armor similar to superwoman, has cat ears because she loves cats, and is holding two wands summoning shielding spells because of her love of DNSSEC.