Arnold Mulenda Yamukandu

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Affiliation: African Users Organization
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Email: arnold [at]
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Arnold Mulenda Yamukandu is an Independent Computer Networking Professional based in Brazil. He is a member of the African Users Organization.[1]

Mr. Yamukandu is a training manager with CPVI, and regularly participates in ALAC and AFRALO activities.[2] He was involved with the creation of AFRALO.[3]

He can speak French, English, Swahili, Lingala and Tshiluba.

Career History

In 1998, he was a Programmer for Directorate of Computer and office DIB at National Electricity Company. In 1999, he joined Centre for Promotion and popularization of information technology as a Network Administrator.

He installed, configured and supervised a call center for monitoring the presidential elections (ECA-EURAC). Mr. Arnold Mulenda served as a Correction Supervisor for electronic state examination session 2008

Mr. Yamukandu Engineered LAN interconnection with the Internet for Deloitte & Touche, designed an animated presentation of release of results for the referendum vote in the National Centre for Treatment, IEC (Independent Electoral Commission)

He was a member of the Help Desk for the ADEN project and has worked for Centre for the Promotion and Popularization of informatics.[4]


Arnold Mulenda Yamukandu holds a Network Engineering Degree from Higher Institute of Statistics, Programmer Analyst Diploma from the same institute and a State Diploma in Industrial Electricity from Industrial Institute Katoka.

He holds Certification for Cisco Network Administrator and has done a course regarding Training, planning and managing projects.[5]

Meetings and Conferences

  • Speaker at the conference-debate on the topic: "The right TRIAL New Information Technology and Telecommunications in the DRC" to the Protestant, University of Congo (2005)
  • Participated as a trainer to train administrators telecenters ADEN (2006)
  • Participation in ICANN Mexico (2009)
  • ALS Representative to At-Large Summit (2009)[6]


  • Participation in the Interregional Meeting Peace Process in the Great Lakes Region (2004)
  • Training Electoral Observation by EISA and CNEB in Bujumbura in Burundi (2005)
  • Participation in training for African human rights in Yaounde, Catholic University of Central Africa (2006)(2007)[7]
  • Participation in training on the universal system of Human Rights in Geneva organized by the ISHR (2008).[8]