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|google  =  
|google  =  
|webite    =internetregistry.info
|webite    =internetregistry.info
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|linkedin  = [https://fi.linkedin.comm/in/artoisokoski Arto Isokoski]

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Arto Isokoski is the Co-Founder and CEO of TLD Registry. He is a Finnish entrepreneur well-known in the internet and mobile technology sectors.

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Country: Finland
Email: arto.isokoski [at] internetregistry.info
Facebook: Facebook.png   [tldregistry Arto Isokoski]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   [Arto Isokoski Arto Isokoski]


Isokoski received a MA from Oulun yliopisto in 2002. Isokoski has held a variety of business development and project management roles at innovative technology and media companies in Finland including Finnet Media, Jutel, and Tecono. He was also a senior R&D engineer at Nokia for over five years. Isokoski is also a partner in directory assistance innovator Suomen 16100 Ltd and owner of Apila Media, a provider of mobile, internet and consulting related services.


In 2008, Isokoski founded TLD Registry in Finland. TLD Registry Ltd is the owner of two essential new Top Level Domains: Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网). In 2013, Isokoski signed a Formal Registry Agreement with ICANN for Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) and Dot Chinese Online (.在线). Innovator at heart, Isokoski noted that “for the first time since China joined the internet in 1994, Chinese netizens will type or handwrite URLs in all simplified or traditional Chinese characters using the natural terms they employ for their web searches: ‘.online (.在线)’ and ‘.Chinese language website (.中文网)’.”[1]


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