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Country: Mongolia
Email: burmaa [at]
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Ms. Baasansuren Burmaa is the Director of the MN Domain Registry of Mongolia, the .mn Registry, Datacom. She was a Board Member and Project Coordinator at the Canadian DREAM IT Project funded by Canadian government since 2007.[1] She is a member of APTLD, APNIC, DotAsia and CoCCA.[2] She has been the Director of MN Registry since 1996.

Currently, she leading ONE Mongolia national project on open education and ICT in Education. She played key role in developing Open Education in Mongolia and she has worked extensively on promotion of the endorsement of the UNESCO OER Declaration by the Government of Mongolia, specifically including the principle that educational resources paid for with public funds should be openly licensed and encourages widely use of the Mongolian language in teaching and learning.

ICANN Involvement

Ms.Baasansuren Burmaa was an ICANN Fellow at ICANN Singapore and ICANN participants at ICANN Paris, ICANN Los Angeles, ICANN New Zealand and ICANN Australia.[3] She represents her country and registry in the APTLD, ccNSO, and is an observer in the GAC.

She completed Internet Governance Summer School in Germany in 2008.

Career History

Ms. Burmaa has been working in the Internet Industry for more than 19 years. She has experience in addressing domain name management, policy development, IPRs, branding issues, open education and ICT in Education.

In 2006, she played key role in transitioning .mn to SRS (EPP). Ms. Baasansuren Burmaa has worked extensively on matters relating to .mn TLD policies and ccTLD issues. Since 2006, she has been an active member of ICANN, and has been participating in APNIC since 2003, and APTLD since 2004. Ms. Baasansuren Burmaa was an INTERNET SOCIETY AMBASSADOR to IGF Sharm El Sheikh in 2009.

She is was a Board Member and Project Coordinator at the Canadian DREAM IT Project funded by Canadian government since 2009.

The DREAM IT ( Development Research to Empower All Mongolians Through Information Technology) series of applied research projects that were conducted by ONE Mongolia team, between 2009-2013, have been significant to Mongolia for the opportunities availed to researchers and development workers from many universities, government and non- governmental organizations, to freely explore the potential of ICTs to contribute to the country’s socioeconomic development. This intensive action research program was timely, at the onset of the deployment of ICT infrastructure, including the Internet, to the wide expanses of Mongolia through wireless networks and mobile phones, and as the Government formulated information and communication technology (ICT) policies to bring universal access to people living in remote places. Over the past six years, the ONE Mongolia has been active in capacity building initiatives to introduce and demonstrate a range of open practices, including open education, open access publishing and open government. ONE Mongolia has focused some of its research activities specifically at demonstrating open practices in the education and information technology and government sectors. 

Ms. Burmaa is working as a country representative of Google Education since 2013. She is Executive Director of the ONE Foundation since 2013.

Awards & Recognition

  • Gold medal of Young Leader, Mongolian Youth Federation, 2006
  • Recognized as "The Leading ICT Specialist", Government of Mongolia, 2007
  • The Medal of State Honor for the Diligent Labor for the contribution to the Mongolian Internet Development, awarded by the President of Mongolia, 17 Jan 2011[4]
  • Awarded a GOVERNOR GENERAL’S MEDALLION of Canada for the contributions to build a strong relationship between two countries by the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston on 26 Oct 2013
  • Appreciation /Contribution on the implementation of ONE Mongolia National Program on Open Education/, by L.Gantumur, Minister of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia, 13 Apr 2015