Bibek Silwal

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Organization: IGF
Affiliation: NextGen@ICANN
Country: Nepal


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Bibek Silwal is a Consulting Civil Engineer with a strong interest in technology and innovation. He is currently pursuing an MBA degree at One League, with a focus on business strategy and data science. Apart from his academic pursuits, Bibek is an IGF Youth Ambassador and a NextGen@ICANN participant. He actively engages in global conversations on Internet governance and digital inclusion. Bibek is also a founding member of YIGF Nepal, where he works with the team to create an enabling environment for young people to engage in Internet governance discussions.

As a Harvard Crossroads Emerging Leader, Bibek has acquired valuable leadership skills and gained exposure to diverse perspectives from around the world. He is a techno-enthusiast who enjoys exploring the latest technologies and applying them to real-world problems.

Bibek is passionate about making a positive impact in the world. He is eager to connect with like-minded professionals who share this goal and explore opportunities to collaborate.

Bibek was featured in the ICANN 78 - Hamburg Playing Card Deck