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CPA Global.JPG
Industry: Technology, Intellectual Property
Founded: 1969
Headquarters: Liberation House, Castle Street, Jersey
Country: Channel Islands
Key People
Simon Webster, CEO

Rob Davey, Domain and Digital Content Product Manager
Samantha Frida, Domain Name Consultant
Anna O'Leary, Media Contact

CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company. Trusted by many of the world’s most respected corporations and law firms, CPA Global empowers a global community to achieve excellence in IP management.

We support the day-to-day delivery of IP tasks and provide the right information at the right time, enabling professionals to make better IP decisions for the future. Our integrated suite of IP software, services and insights is underpinned by an outstanding global team of over 2000 people, working together to help our customers deliver strategic value for the future of their organisations.

Now we offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated Innovation and IP Portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle, supporting customers every step of the way to realise the value of their ideas. The IP Platform is powered by best-in-class, comprehensive, verified and reliable data. This is an exciting time to connect with CPA Global. Visit to find out more.


Since its establishment CPA Global continue to succeed and the firms legal offerings expanded.[1]

In 1969, patent lawyers from different law firms in United Kingdom established CPA Global sharing the same objective, which is to provide intellectual property renewal services specializing in patents.

Six years after it’s inception in 1975, the founders of the company expanded their service offerings with design and trademark renewal service. In 1979 after a decade, CPA Global opened its first office in the United States in New York City and then relocated the office at Crystal City Arlington in 1982. By 1985, the company launched Search International and started offering specialist global trademark searching service. After a year, the company bought majority shares of Trademarks Directory Service (TMDS) and it started offering worldwide watching service and monitored all types of trademarks including 3D, colors, sounds, smells, and gestures for some of the world’s famous brands.

In $2000, CPA Global added additional offices in the US located in Alexandria, Virginia and San Francisco, California and other parts of the country at the same time it launches the CPA Direct which allows its clients to directly and securely renew their portfolio online 24/7. CPA Domarque, a domain digital content service allowing clients protect, manage and maintain their domain names was launched in 2001 and acquired Memotech Interface Systems, a company in Paris which provides software for corporations and subsequently opened additional offices in London and Munich.

The following year, 2002 CPA Global acquired significant stake in Maxim Technology and it allows them to provide the Inprotech software for IP lawyers and the company’s trademark searching went online which enabled its customers to obtain quotes and track progress. CPASS was created in 2003, an integration of Memotech and Maxim in the CPA business making it the leading provider of IP software.

In 2005, the company acquired Foundation IP and it was able to secure the majority shares of Intellevate (IP Support Services). It also purchased major shares of the US leading patent firm Lacasse and Associates in 2006. The acquisition led CPA Global to further expand its portfolio in US and Europe.

By 2007,Peter Sewell, CEO of CPA Global announced that that the company allocated a $50 million on-going investment in India within the next 5 years during the opening of the company's state-of-the art delivery center in Noida, India. The center is dedicated in providing legal services such document review, contract management, legal research and preparation of standard litigation documents and deposition summaries for CPA's corporate and law form clients.

The purchase of Germany's SVPG, a well-known patent research division was purchased by CPA Global in 2008 strengthened its client base in the German market and further enhanced its business in patent research in the European region.It also created a strategic alliance with Applied Discovery Inc., a major electronic discovery software provider.

In 2009, CPA re-brands as CPA Global, a unifying brand name for its businesses anywhere in the world. The new brand name signifies that clients will receive the same quality and standard for all their services in any of their offices worldwide. The same year, the company also announced that it secured an agreement to provide legal outsourcing services for Rio Tinto, a global mining company.

In 2010, CPA Global CEO Peter Sewell welcomed the investment of Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) in the company. According to him, "it represents the next stage in our evolution from an IP partnership handling patent renewals into a global leader in IP and legal services outsourcing. Our growth prospects in the years ahead are the strongest we've ever seen as we continue to develop our IP services and software businesses with an expanded range of products and services, while aggressively pursuing our diversification into the wider legal services sector."[2]


  1. IAOP 2011 Global Outsourcing 100- the company was given the recognition three consecutive years[3]
  2. Innovation in Outsourcing Award from the European Outsourcing Association's inaugural 2010 Awards[4]
  3. Rated World Leader in IP Outsourcing by the Brown-Wilson Group's Black Book of Outsourcing 2009[5]


  1. Legal Process Outsourcing (contract solutions, document review,legal research services,transaction support services)
  2. Patents Patent (research software, patent renewals,patent portfolio optimization,IP recordals, data verification)
  3. Trademarks (trademark renewals, trademark watching,data verification, IP recordals, digital content watching,trademark search)
  4. Domains (domain audit,domain management,digital content watching)
  5. Software (Memotech, Inprotech, FoundationIP)

CPA Global and ICANN

CPA Global was a participant at the ICANN Domain Roundtable, and the company's domain consultant, Samantha Frida and Domain and Digital Content Product Manager Rob Davey were speakers.