Carlos Afonso

Country: Brazil
Email: ca [at]

Carlos Afonso is the Director of Instituto NUPEF; he was previously the Head of Technological Development of RITS.[1] A co-founder of the Brazilian Chapter of Internet Society and of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Mr. Afonso is an expert in the field of Internet Governance.[2]

Career History

  • Carlos played an important role in democratizing the access to communications in Brazil.
  • With Herbert de Souza co-founded IBASE.[3]
  • He also had a leading role in designing and implementing AlterNex, the first internet service open to the public in Brazil.
  • In 1991, Mr. Afonso proposed and supervised the deployment of the Internet network for UNCED '92. in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Carlos Afonso co-founded APC as a formal institution in 1990.[4]
  • From 1997-1998, he served as APC's first chair.
  • He worked at RITS from 1998 to 2009 as technology coordinator. Publications

He has written many books and articles for internet development in different languages. [5]


Namur Award, IFIP, 1996.

ARede 2008 Award.[6]

Trajetoria Prize 2010, LACNIC.

Betinho Prize, APC, 2015.

RNP Diploma as a Builder of the Internet, 2017. award as Internet pioneer, 2020.