Carole Bird

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Country: Canada

Carole Bird is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). She has been with the RCMP since 1989. Currently, she serves as the Officer In Charge of Program Management Support Services for the RCMP's Technological Crime Program.[1]

Career History

Ms. Bird started her career in Manitoba, where she worked in a number of areas including a number of First Nations Communities, highway patrol and rural policing.

In 1992, she started working in the areas of Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property investigations and Customs and Excise investigations as well as Radio Telecommunications Act investigations. Carole has also worked in the Informactics Operational Support and Human Resources area of RCMP.

She was a speaker at the Security Education Conference of 2007.[2] Ms. Bird was a Chair in the Canadian Law Enforcement Cyber Crime Conference of 2008.[3]