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Industry: Registry
Country: Georgia
Email: info [at]

Caucasus Online is the registry operator for Georgia's .ge ccTLD.[1] In 2018 Caucasus Online changed its operating model, moving away from registration services and focusing solely on the maintenance of the .ge register.[1] Registration of domains is now handled through accredited registrars and resellers.


The .ge domain is an Open Use ccTLD, with no restrictions on registration at the top level. Certain second-level domains (;;;;;; and are designated "General Domains" by Caucasus Online. Registration for those domains is restricted to specific types of entities or individuals. The General Domain is strictly limited to Georgian government entities.[2] In addition, specific strings are reserved for specific uses by Caucusus Online.[3]

Despite the potential for domain hacking terms that end in "-ge," foreign registration of .ge domains remains fairly small - approximately 2000 as of February 2021, out of approximately 52,000 total registered domains.[4]


The internationalized domain name for Georgia, .გე, is maintained by the Information Technologies Development Center (ITDC) on behalf of the Georgian government.[5] It does not appear that there are geographic restrictions on registration of .გე names.[6]