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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Domain name registrar
Founded: London, Great Britain (1995)
Headquarters: 35-39 Moorgate,


Country: Great Britain
Products: domains, sub-domains
Employees: 25 [1]
Website: http://www.centralnic.com
Key People
Robert Pooker, founder & executive

Ben Crawford, CEO [2]

Steve Dyer, founder
Joe Alagna, GM of NA markets [3]

TLDs: 1
Registrations: 71

More Info: nTLDStats

CentralNic is an Internet domain name registrar. Currently, they are the domain registration operator for the .la ccTLDs (Laos domains) even though the company markets them as being Los Angeles domains [4]. Their headquarters is located in London, Great Britain and they are one of the most experienced domain name registrars in the business. Another particularity of CentralNic is that they do not offer regular TLDs but subdomains like .eu.com, .cn.com or .us.com. CentralNic has a worldwide network of over 1500 registrars. [5]


CentralNic was founded in 1995 unde the initial name of NomiNation by Steve Dyer and Robert Pooke. The name of the company was changed from NomiNation to CentralNic in 2000. The headquarters of CentralNic is in London, Great Britain.

Services offered by CentralNic

CentralNic is currently is the domain registry operator for the .la ccTLD which they market as being Los Angles even if it stands for Laos. Their main area of activity is domain registry services offered for a total of 22 sub-domain (second level TLDs), as follows:

  • yourname.ae.org United Arab Emirates
  • yourname.uy.com Uruguay
  • yourname.qc.com Quebec
  • yourname.gb.net Great Britain
  • yourname.gb.com Great Britain
  • yourname.hu.com Hungary
  • yourname.se.net Sweden
  • yourname.se.com Sweden
  • yourname.sa.com Saudi Arabia
  • yourname.ru.com Russia
  • yourname.ar.com Argentina
  • yourname.br.com Brazil
  • yourname.za.com South Africa
  • yourname.no.com Norway
  • yourname.kr.com Korea
  • yourname.jpn.com Japan
  • yourname.de.com Germany
  • yourname.cn.com China
  • yourname.us.com United States
  • yourname.uk.net United Kingdom
  • yourname.uk.com United Kingdom
  • yourname.eu.com European Union [6]