Choon Sai Lim

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Choon SaiLimPortrait.jpg
Country: Singapore
Email: lim_choon_sai [at]

Choon Sai Lim is the General Manager of the Singapore Network Information Centre, SGNIC. SGNIC administers all .sg domain names and provides accreditation for registrars to use .sg domain name services.[1] He was involved in SGNIC's implementation of IDN.[2]

Mr. Lim is also a Director for Infocom Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), where he is responsible for the standardization of telecommunication and also the resources management. SGNIC is a part of DotAsia Organization, which is the registry operator for Asian domains. [3]

Choon Sai is a member of the GAC. He is also involved in APTLD, APNIC, APIA, and DotAsia.[4]